Cost of Solar

There is no money out of pocket to go solar with GreenMind Energy. You can, however, purchase your panels outright. We are happy to accommodate cash or financing options. Our financing allow you to do more with your dollar by using the funds to include other needed updates to your house, such as re-roofing. Our mission is to help you reap the financial rewards available in today’s solar market.

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What Panels We Use and Why

We offer two panel options: SunPower and tier one panels. SunPower has the most efficient panel on the market with the longest warranties. Because of SunPower’s quality, these panels are more expensive. We also use tier one panels that are cheaper than SunPower but are premium panels that have high efficiency rates and competitive warranties. We let you choose what you like best. In many chases, choosing between SunPower and other tier one panels is like choosing between Apple, Google, and Samsung. All of them are wonderful options. So, whatever panel you choose to invest in, we only use panels that will ensure your investment is profitable.

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How Solar Works

  1. Solar Panels

    Your solar panels convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

  2. Inverter

    Your solar panels feed electricity to the inverter which converts the DC electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity to power your house.

  3. Electrical Panel or “Breaker Box”

    The AC electricity travels from the inverter to your Electrical Panel or “Breaker Box”. Here the energy is distributed throughout the house.

  4. Utility Meter

    Your utility meter tracks your energy usage. When your panels have generated more energy than you need, your meter will turn backwards. This saves your excess energy for night time when the panels are not producing energy.

  5. Monitoring Your Panels

    Through our customer logins, you are able to track the energy production of your panels.

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Solar The GreenMind Way

Your energy future is something we take seriously. We take great care in designing and engineering your solar system. This personal approach is what we do best. Also, we make sure you at the center of everything we do. From the choice of panels, to our designs, to our friendly and professional workforce, we work to bring you the best solar option on the market.

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Our Pledge

Our promise to every home owner is simple: our solar services are of the highest quality, engineered to your specific needs, and our prices are lower than anyone in the marketplace. We pledge to help you transition to cheaper, cleaner power!

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