Peter Carmack

Peter has a passion for learning, knowledge, and personal improvement. This desire led him to study Philosophy and Humanities at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Peter loves to study religion, history, politics, and philosophy. Peter is a man of ideas. He believes strongly in the renewable energy revolution. He enjoys solving problems and finding rational solutions, which is one of the reasons why he is involved with the solar/wind energy industry.

Peter has a proven record of financial expertise, management experience, leadership skills, training/teaching finesse, and entrepreneurship intuition. He has worked in a variety of capacities over the last decade: Solar Sales Management, Direct/Inside Sales, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Head Martial Arts Instructor, and Construction to name but a few. He is one of the Co-Founders of GreenMind and one of its Co CEOs.

Peter desires to go on to get his PHD degree from Harvard University in Philosophy and be a Professor for his career. For Peter, business is a pleasure rather than a job. Later in life he is considering running for Public Office. Peter is happily married and is the proud father of two daughters. Faith, Family, and the Future are some of his greatest interests.


Oliver Carmack

Oliver is a person of deep passion for making the world a better place. He has been involved in renewable energy, NGOs, non profit organizations, humanitarian work, therapy, and religious missionary work. Oliver’s work is centered on helping others grow. Oliver’s enthusiasm for helping others led him to sales in renewable energy. He has served in many leadership positions throughout his sales career in the solar industry and is one of the Co-Founders and CEO’s of GreenMind.

Oliver’s passion for learning and his infinite curiosity of the world and man’s place in it led him to study Philosophy and the Humanities at Brigham Young University – Idaho where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. After his graduation, Oliver went on to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams of becoming a therapist and a life coach. He received his master’s certification from Bennett/Stellar University in four therapeutic modalities: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Reiki. In addition, Oliver has a love for all art forms: literature/writing, poetry, painting, film, martial arts, and music composition.  

Oliver future plans include continued work in renewable energy, graduate work at Harvard University in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Music composition at Berklee College of Music, and following the old masters in painting and drawing at the Academy of Realist Art, Boston.Oliver’s greatest joy is his beautiful wife and his angel daughter.


Jacob Carmack

Jacob is a man with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Business is in his blood. He comes from a very active and industrious family where Jacob was introduced to sound business principles at an early age. During his informative years, Jacob dedicated himself to learning financial wisdom. He founded several small businesses and experienced great success. He learned from some of the greatest financial gurus, and has become a guru in his own right in stocks, business strategy, marketing, sales, and nearly every aspect of the financial world. He is one of the Co-Founders of GreenMind, and is one of its current Co CEOs.

Jacob’s professional experience and expertise are vast and varied crossing over many different industries. He has founded and managed a Clinical Research Marketing and Recruitment team, helping pharmaceutical companies such as

Pfizer with recruitment and marketing strategies to locate targeted participants for specialized medical research. Jacob has also worked in the Deregulated Energy industry, Direct/Indirect Sales, Lead Generation, Renewable Energy, Management, Investing Firms, and Recruiting. He has a great passion for the renewable energy industry. Jacob desires to make a difference in the world and to complete his education in economics and business.


Nils Helander

Nils Helander is a summa cum laude graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Management. After graduating, he went on to co-found two The UPS Store Franchises in the the Greater Boston area where he applied his business degree first-hand and gained the real world experience of running all aspects of a small business. Specializing in Sales and Marketing, he substantially grew both of the stores and sold them for a profit to exit the business. Upon selling the franchise locations, he decided to put his passion for the environment and renewable energy to work by joining SolarCity as an outside sales consultant. Quickly proving himself as a top producer in the Northeast region, he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager where he helped grow a successful team of outside sales consultants on the North Shore of Massachusetts and then a New Hampshire sales team following a move to the Granite State. Nils is bringing 8 years of sales and business management experience to GreenMind Energy as the Vice President of Sales, with 3 years of direct experience in the solar industry.