GreenMind Energy was established by three unified brothers that wanted to raise the standards of quality service, transparency, and professional product delivery within the industry. The company incorporated in December of 2015, and has grown exponentially since. We believe the reason GreenMind Energy has grown so rapidly is because of our core philosophy of putting every customer and employee first. Our commitment to our customers, our employees, and environmental sustainability are the three themes that guide every decision made from the top-down.

GreenMind Energy, a family-oriented business, strives to help customers through solar renewable energy. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. First, the families of our customers are empowered economically and live in a healthier environment. Second, the families of our employees have a stable, meaningful way to provide for themselves. Third, the quality of life and well being of all people involved are greatly improved. Lastly, GreenMind Energy seeks to bless the lives of the impoverished around the world through humanitarian efforts (please see “Causes We Support” page for more information). We understand that all meaningful interactions in life — business or otherwise — ultimately begin and end at the family level, and we embrace that reality. Hence, the happiness and well being of families are the focus of GreenMind Energy.